What are regional coordinators/state office doing to support liaisons and each other?

Social distancing keeps us safe; connection makes us strong and resilient.


Connecting with each other, sharing funny/sad pieces of our personal and professional lives @JRatekin, @Taphouse, @SaraO. We are all in this space together even though our place is different. Together we are better, stronger, resilient and we can giggle about the toads outside my window! LOL! :expressionless: :white_heart: :see_no_evil: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Has anyone constructed a letter to their District Superintendents as well as to consortium MV Liaisons? I have been in touch via e-mail and am trying to construct zoom meeting. Rural areas and districts present their own set of troubles. I know in yesterday’s meeting someone mentioned that they had constructed a letter to superintendent - but, I was just curious as to others actions?

@DTalo Check this one out