Preschool Data Collection

Does anyone know if we are going to need to submit preschool data for 2019-20?
If anyone has a process in place for collection, I would love to know about it!
We easily collect numbers from students enrolled in preschool programs and ISD birth to 5 but otherwise am relying on locals to give me the names of younger family members.

Yes! Please plan on submitting them!

What preschool data do we usually need to submit and when and where is this typically done? Do you just need numbers or names? Signed Newbie :slight_smile:

We always submit this data in MEGS+. It may not match with what you have in your Student Information Systems (SIS) which gets uploaded into MSDS/CEPI as some of these littles are not enrolled in programs yet. If you are using the MV Grant Data Collection Tool it is set up to be able to collect the data on our 0-5 population. At this time this data helps us out locally to have a better grasp on our numbers, but it does not go into the funding formula as that data is pulled directly from your certified pupil counts at the end of the year data collection.

We never submit names through MEGS+ so all you would report on in numbers within age ranges at this time.

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What Karen said :smiley:

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I am thinking we might want to develop some guidance for ourselves/liaisons around how to best connect and collect data for the 0-5 set? Anyone else game?

In the interim here are some links to know who to connect with for formal state/federal programs:

Michigan Head Start Association–this includes Early Head Start (0-3) Grantees as well

Great Start Readiness Programs State-funded at-risk preschool

Early On–provides services and supports for families with children birth-3 with a diagnosed disability or developmental delay

Great Start Collaboratives and Parent Coalitions-these are great groups to get connected to for resources for prenatal-age 8. Consider connecting your families with littles with Parent Coalitions in your community–tons of opportunities for engagement, resource connection, parent training, parent-led and parent voice is heard.

Great Start To Quality Resource Centers–these folks have connections to licensed childcare providers in your community. They work with care providers to increase the quality of care–they even provide homeless training to care providers throughout MI–please connect with them so you can be part of those training sessions.

Michigan Early Childhood Support Network–Your local GSC is connected to one of these ECSN’s which are designed to provide development of, and facilitate access to, a coordinated, easy-to-navigate early childhood system for providers and families that addresses the needs of the whole child.

You may have some district-run preschool programs that are funded with local, state or even federal Title I funds–these programs would all fall under McKinney-Vento homeless education definition for a preschool–hence, we need to be connecting with them as well.

Early Childhood Resources from our National Homeless Organizations:
NAEHCY–Early Childhood Resources
NCHE–Early Childhood Resources and Webinar Links
SchoolHouse Connection–Early Childhood Resources–SHC’s Is my early childhood program a “preschool under McKinney-Vento” (flow chart)

I hope these help you connect with early childhood folks in your area! Have a great summer!