MOU With Community Agencies Grant Funding

Does anyone have a MOU with agencies they would like to share that maybe has some wording in their that they provide data for us and we will give them some MV funding?

Yes, here is one that I redacted that we used for one of partners for a program we ran jointly last year. sharable MOU.pdf (124.4 KB)

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Thank you, Rose. Do you ever give any portion of grant monies to those community organizations that help out with the referrals?

Hey sorry this is soo delayed. Last year we funded a large portion to pilot the program from M-V grant funds- $10,000 worth and then this year we used M-V grant funds to pay for some things like birth certs. for parents and students that needed them for applying for state aid etc., gas cards and public trans. tokens to get to apartment inspections or DHHS, and we did a small amount towards rental application fees. total maybe $6000, maybe. i would have to look at my budget of sure. The one caveat is that it must referred families from our district or consortium into the SHIP Program. Rose

The SHIP Program is the program, it was a joint program between our district and a local non profit. The non profit provided shelter case management for doubled up families identified and referred to them by myself and consortium liaisons. The goal was to identify the doubled up families, stabilize their current doubled up situation by providing supports as long as they can until they move into permanent or stable housing there by not entering shelter or hotel, and being HUD homeless.

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