Liason Salary and Grant $

In many grants, i.e. Title 1, people have to do a PARS report that shows the number of time they are allocated to doing that type of work so the grant funding can be drawn down for each grant they are being paid out of to document the percentage allocated.

Is this the same as with MV funding? Is this necessary to do a breakdown or can you just say a fixed amount goes towards salary without having to track hours ?

Also, question #2, can you provide a certain amount to help with salary of local liaisons at the district level, too? And is there a requirement to show their hours?

Yes, you do need to do a PAR when you are paid from federal funds and you should be able to track it back to your calendar and your percentage of time should match the percentage of your salary being paid from federal funds. I fill out a PAR every month showing how my time is split between funding sources. If you are paid solely with federal funds, you do not have to do a PAR, but you will fill out a form that states you know your are being paid with federal funds. . . .

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thank you, appreciate it. . .I use the Harvest app to track my time, I was just making sure that MV wasn’t different, I had heard you could pay liaisons out of the grant so was wondering if it was a requirement for all instances . . thanks again

It would be nice if we could give a little stipend to the locals or something to them for all the work they do, but it doesn’t sound like any way around that? if there are creative ways to do this for all the work they do to attract, retain and assist homeless students let me know your ideas

I just had a thought and wondered if this might work if the district bills the grant for like up to 4 hours of a liason’s work on attracting, retaining etc. homeless students?

They would have to have good documentation and a PAR to show that time spent to account for the funds. Often the paperwork/tracking required is not worth the hassle for small amounts of funding.

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