Iowa Grants/homeless resources


I was wondering if anyone on here is from Iowa and has any knowledge on any grants or homeless resources that they have used before?

I’m in two districts, one is very small. Your Title I app requires you to set aside a portion of Title I funds each year to be available for support of homeless students. If you are not the one who completes that application or makes those decisions, it might be helpful to work with that person or administration to set aside a larger portion of those funds for homelessness.

In the smaller district, we receive a lot of donations without a specific requested use. We have an informal policy of earmarking those for students in need. While we have nobody in the smaller district currently designated as homeless, that would be our resource for supplying them with specific items they might need for school.

We have kind of a unique problem-if we apply for and receive a large grant for homeless support, but have nobody identified, that inflates our designated funds-not helpful for a small district that gets money it cannot entirely spend (ELL, TAG, PD). It seems like a good problem to have looking in from the outside, but it can really tie your hands when it comes budget time. Long story short-we rely on local funding and other local resources to support students in need as opposed to State or Federal grants.

Gotcha! Thank you. That is helpful. We are a very tiny district, and do not currently have any homeless, but we have had some situations in the past that could have been considered homeless and I was trying my best to find them resources. This is good information to have in case a situation like that comes up again.

Thanks again!


I feel like, in small districts like ours, we have to approach things much differently than larger districts do. Our lines are very gray. We try to follow the rules, but often find ourselves in a situation where we do what we need to in order to help someone in the moment, and ask forgiveness later! I’m not sure that is the best advice, but at some point a light needs to shine on the plight of very small, rural communities finding readily available resources for things like homelessness and other areas of need. It isn’t at all the same as it is in larger areas.

Good luck!

I totally agree! It is a very different ball game for many things for smaller districts! Thanks for your help!