COVID-19: What to do with a homeless student who has the virus and needs to be quarantined?

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In conversation with our DHHS Director, she said if we have an unaccompanied youth under the age of 18 that needs shelter or a place to quarantine, that is a call to CPS. They will ensure the student is housed/sheltered. It is their childwelfare mandate for minor children.


Is this true for a circumstance in which a UHY is in a teen shelter?

Each Region in Michigan has a COVID-19 Response Planning Team on Homeless issues and they are your best resource as well as the local Health Department in your area. Our NEMI COVID-19 Response team is coordinated with our CoC members and is directed through one of our local shelters here in Alpena. Contact your Director of your CoC and they will get you connected to the right resource. ~Vicki~